We Connect You With Our Network of Experienced Nurses

At ProStat Workforce, our hiring and staffing teams deliver high-quality and experienced temp and perm nursing professionals that you can trust. And thanks to an in-depth hiring process, you can trust that a ProStat nursing professional will hit the ground running, get up to speed quickly, and quickly become a productive and compassionate member of your team.

Our process includes the following steps, designed to ensure that you have access to the best candidates and can quickly fill the positions you need.


  • Full Review & Screening
    • Each candidate that we provide has been through a vigorous pre-screening process, they’ve passed a variety of criminal background investigations, and they’ve been through a rigorous interview process. In addition, we make sure professional credentials are up to date, and we provide a complementary orientation period where you can train your ProStat nursing professional on your own unique processes and services. These are qualified professionals that you can trust to be a part of your team from day one.
  • Detailed Candidate Profiles
    • When you request staffing help, we provide a detailed summary of a variety of candidates who we feel will meet your needs. We’ll give you their professional credentials, resume, work history and license verification. We’ll also share the results of their background investigation, competency test and skills evaluation. Using this information, you can choose the candidate that’s perfect for your own unique needs.
  • Easy & Fast Staffing Request Process
    • Once you’re established as a ProStat client, you’ll have access to our team 24 hours a day, and we can fill staffing requests almost immediately. We interview hundreds of candidates each week, and keep a high-quality pool of candidates at the ready. Simply contact your account manager and let them know your needs, and we’ll respond quickly and effectively to help you build your team with qualified nursing pros.
  • Get Started
    • Our candidates come fully credentialed, screened, trained and ready to work based on your schedule. So when you have chosen the candidates who are the best fit, they’ll be ready to start within hours or days, not weeks or months.

High-Grade Nurse Hiring Agency

Whether you’re interested in our Per Diem or our Transitional Hiring services, or both, we make sure we fully understand your requirements, timeline, and expectations. With our large pool of qualified RN, LPN, and CNA candidates, you can rest assured that our nurse hiring agency has the right people waiting to join your team. Contact us today to discuss your temporary, part-time, or full-time staffing needs.

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