Tips for Staying Calm, Cool, and Collected During Your Next Job Interview

Overcoming nervousness is one of the biggest challenges during a job interview. That’s understandable; after all, there’s a lot at stake. How can you stay calm, cool, and collected during your next job interview? As a staffing agency that’s hiring for dozens of nursing jobs, we’ve found the following ideas that just might help!


Rehearse Answering Questions.

Although you can’t anticipate all questions hiring managers may ask, you can expect certain types of inquiries. A few examples include:


  • What are your biggest strengths?
  • What are your biggest weaknesses?
  • Tell us a little about yourself?
  • Why do you want this position?
  • What do you consider your biggest professional accomplishment?
  • What was the biggest challenge you faced in your last job and how did you deal with it?
  • What questions do you have about the job or company?

Several days before your interview will take place, practice answering them (and others you believe will likely turn up) out loud, either when looking in a mirror or with a family member or friend. This exercise will help you organize your thoughts and sound more polished when it matters most.


Ensure You Have Everything You Need.

Don’t set yourself up to be in scramble mode just before you have to leave for your appointment. During the day or evening prior, assemble your resume and any other requested documentation, so it’s ready to go. By knowing you have everything organized and prepared, you’ll sleep better the night before and be better able to put your best foot forward.


Plan to Arrive 10 to 15 Minutes Early.

That will give you some time to collect your thoughts and take a few deep breaths before your interview begins. It also gives you some wiggle room to allow for any travel inconveniences like traffic delays.

Think of it as engaging in a conversation.
This mindset helps take some of the pressure off of you. Instead of feeling like you need to “perform,” view the experience as an opportunity to exchange information.


Think Positive Thoughts

As your interview date approaches, stay optimistic about the opportunity. Reflect on the skills, qualities, and experience you bring to the table and how well hiring managers will receive them. Consider using self-affirmation techniques to build and retain self-confidence, so your self-assurance and capabilities shine through during your interview.

At ProStat, our process naturally helps put individuals looking for RN, LPN, and CNA jobs at ease when interviewing for their ideal positions. With us showcasing your qualifications and achievements to interested health care facilities, you may find you already have a competitive advantage going into your interview. We believe you should be as confident in your abilities as we are.

Learn more about our open positions today and find a position you’ll love with the flexibility you need!

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