The Advantages of a Transitional Hiring Process

Hiring the right employees can require immense amounts of time, patience, and paperwork. In doing what it takes to staff your team with the best and the brightest, you might find yourself struggling to keep up with your many other responsibilities. Fortunately, there’s a no-hassle way our PA medical staffing agency can help you quickly find and onboard RNs, LPNs, and CNAs with the qualifications and experience you need.


Transitional Hiring Through Prostat

Some of the advantages you can expect when you work with us to build your team include:


  • Time saved – We take care of finding you qualified candidates who have the skills, experience, and other professional qualities you need for your part-time and full-time positions. With detailed profiles that share everything you need to know about prospective employees, you can more easily identify from the start which individuals will be the best fit for your organization. And after you let us know who you’d like to meet, we’ll help you arrange interviews with them.
  • No need to sweat the details – We make sure job candidates have all the essentials in advance of when they meet with you. They will have had all necessary competency tests, physicals, background checks, and other requirements. That’s right; you won’t have to haggle with coordinating any of that.
  • New team members who are ready to hit the ground running – Through our transitional hiring process, your new staff members will be prepared to report to work almost as soon as you confirm you want them for the job. With all their licensing and competency verified, background checks completed, drug testing done, and other requirements out of the way, you won’t have to wait weeks to onboard them.
  • Peace of mind – Individuals placed on your staff through our Transitional Hiring program start as employees of ProStat. That means you have an opportunity to test the waters before making a more permanent commitment. If you and they feel it is the right fit, we can then take steps to make them your direct employees.

If you’re the busy administrator at a skilled nursing, assisted living home, drug and alcohol, VA health care, or psychiatric facility, contact ProStat today to learn more about our Transitional Hiring process. It’s a perfect way to efficiently meet your part-time and full-time staffing needs.

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