3 Questions Nursing Professionals Should Ask Before Working With An Employment Agency

Nursing is more than “just a job,” it’s a prestigious career that makes a positive difference in the lives of so many. As you’re looking for a nursing position—whether it’s a job as an RN, LPN or CNA—you should be choosy when selecting an employment agency.

Before working with a firm, ask the following questions to make sure it can meet your needs.


  • What job placement options do you offer?
    • Full-time, part-time, as-needed, temporary, or permanent—where you are in your career and what your personal obligations are will likely dictate the type of employment that you want to pursue.
  • What will you do to find me a position?
    • Find out how the agency will get the word out about your availability and capabilities. An effective employment firm will do more than just add your resume to its database; it will make a focused effort to understand your unique strengths. And it will market you to organizations with staffing needs that match your qualifications and your schedule requirements.
  • How long might it take you to find me a position and for me to start working?
    • This can depend on a variety of factors and circumstances. However, a knowledgeable employment agency should have a good grasp on the typical hiring time frame. You’ll want to know this in advance to gauge if the staffing agent has the same sense of urgency you do in finding a position.

Getting answers to these questions will help you determine if an employment agency will do everything it can to find you a position that will align with your career goals and lifestyle needs.

At ProStat, we make that our top priority. We work with administrators of skilled nursing facilities, assisted living homes, drug and alcohol facilities, VA health care facilities, and psychiatric facilities that have a variety of staffing needs. That enables us to offer assignments on a per diem basis and temp to perm positions. And we go the extra mile to market you to prospective organizations.

To showcase your background, credentials, experience, and other qualities that make you an attractive candidate, we create a detailed professional profile that makes a more memorable impression than just a resume. Also, we complete all your background checks, competency testing, license validation, and other essential aspects of the hiring process in advance. That means you can get started in your dream job quickly.

If you’re looking for RN, LPN, or CNA jobs, doesn’t it make sense to work with an employment agency who puts your best interests first? Contact us today about joining the ProStat team!

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